Field Equipment Installation

  •  Rig Installation / Space-Out of Gas-Lift Mandrels
  •  Slick-Line Installation of Retrievable Valves and/or Pack-Off Equipment
  •  Packer Completion Installation/Removal

Field Diagnostics / TroubleShooting

  • Mako has a fully trained and seasoned staff of field engineers developing all of our gas-lift designs
  • Fluid Level Shots in Tubing/Casing
  • Surface Gas-Lift Well Troubleshooting and/or Optimization on Existing Wells
  • Surface Gas-Lift Facility Evaluations (Single Well or Multi-Well / Facility Packages)
  • Pressure/Temperature Logging Surveys (Gas-Lift / Reservoir Optimization Analysis)
  • Long-Term Well Pressure Monitoring with Downhole Retrievable Memory Gauges

** Note: It is imperative to have trained, qualified and competent personnel on-site for logging surveys and surface troubleshooting. Mako has a fully trained and seasoned staff of field engineers ready to service all wells. It is Mako’s responsibility to ensure the quality of data acquired in the field that goes into optimization analysis. **


In-House Design & Analysis EXPERTISE

  • 40 Years of Domestic Gas-Lift Design Experience
  •  Gas-Lift Design Capabilities
  • Nodal/Systems Analysis including Gas-Lift Optimization Analysis
  • Pressure-Transient Analysis (To Determine Reservoir Perm, Skin, & Inflow Efficiency)
  • Simple Numerical Simulation for Reservoir Testing and Analysis
  • Gas-Lift Efficiency Modeling for Compression Design / Facility Limitations

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