Gas-Lift Application

What is Gas-Lift

Gas-Lift is a method of artificial lift for oil and gas wells that injects high pressure natural gas from the well itself, or central processing facility, back into the well in an effort to lighten the production fluid stream and increase the reservoir pressure draw-down in the well required for increased production.

Equipment Required

Traditional Gas-Lift methods require the use of a pressure-operated valve that is housed in a mandrel that is made-up directly to the tubing string. The purpose of the valve is to regulate high pressure gas injection back into the production fluid stream, and then close in sequence as the well allows the injection point to move deeper in time. There are many different types of valves and mandrels depending upon the specific application.


Advantages of Gas-Lift

  • Handles solids that are produced (i.e. sand)
  • Works well in deviated holes
  • Can be serviceable via slick-line with the appropriate equipment selection
  • Works efficiently in high formation GLR applications
  • Flexible design applications can be used for high or low-production potentials (broad production range capability)
  • Downhole equipment and maintenance/workover operations are generally inexpensive
  • Allows for a simple operation with low operating costs, once facility is in place

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