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Mission Statement

It is our company mission to manufacture and provide artificial lift products and services that are of the highest possible quality and made in the United States. We also aim to maintain an industry leading reputation of excellence and integrity, while working to build long-term business relationships based on trust and industrial expertise. Our goal for the customers we work with is to use our engineering capabilities as a valuable resource for their artificial lift and production optimization challenges.

Who We Are

Mako Lift’s start-up management team has over 60 years of combined manufacturing, sales, and service related experience in Gas-Lift and Production Optimization work. Its target customers include major and independent oil and gas companies, primarily in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Mid-Continent regions. Mako is committed to the highest possible level of quality in its products and services, with a constant drive to improve and stand behind the products it will deliver for 100% customer satisfaction. Mako Lift has a manufacturing & service quality system that is compliant to and meets or exceeds all ISO 9001, API Q1, and API 19G2 requirements. Mako’s strong commitment to its Quality Management System will help to ensure its ability to provide excellence in the products and service it delivers. Mako also maintains a strong commitment to the health and safety of its employees, clients, and the environment through an extensive and continuously updated Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) program.


Mako Lift is a United States manufacturer & provider of both conventional and retrievable Gas-Lift valves and mandrels (and other related equipment) along with Gas-Lift services including, Gas-Lift installation designs, and technical on-site consultation for Gas-Lift installation and system troubleshooting. Its Gas-Lift equipment line includes a full line of conventional (land) and retrievable (offshore/land) valves, check valves, latches, mandrels and Gas-Lift pack-off equipment. Mako Lift provides field data acquisition and analytical services related to production optimization on individual oil/gas wells, and associated surface facilities. Its production optimization services utilize field data acquisition on wells, via electronic pressure/temperature gauges (down-hole and surface) through recommended well-testing and/or diagnostic procedures, in an effort to evaluate/analyze the well’s current inflow potential, Gas-Lift design status, and outflow potential all of which are essential aspects required for true production optimization.


Mako Lift’s manufacturing and service programs are currently compliant to and meet or exceed all ISO 9001, API Q1, and API 19G2 requirements.


Mako Lift is 100% committed to safety in everything it does. Its HSE manual and company safety policies were written to ensure the safety of its employees, its clients, the environment and those working around them, both in and out of the field. Mako Lift is fully compliant with all offshore and onshore safety training and industry requirements, as well as all company-specific safety training requirements.

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